5 things you need to know before consuming Body Care Supplements

By | August 14, 2016

As people become more and more health conscious, the evidence has come to the fore that the consumption of dietary supplement pills, powders and Liquids have increased multiple times in the last few decades. The products are mainly consumed by youth who want to look fit and muscular in a very quick time.

Dietary supplements treat nutritional deficiency, there is evidence for it, but have they any role in treating body disorders and diseases, there is not sufficient evidence to prove it. Though there may be but we do not know.

If you too are keen on taking body supplements, keep these five things in mind before going for it.

  1. You should know that standards of drugs and dietary supplements differ from each other. This is because Supplementary Dietary products do not have to pass through Food and Drug Administration check while drugs are passed through this check. So you should consult your doctor before starting a dietary supplement to know will it work or not or it might have some serious side effects.
  2. There is this myth going around that natural means 100 safe and productive. This is not right. All natural products may not necessarily be safe and nutritious. Some natural herbs damage, liver e.g. Kava and Comfrey. Even if you will see term verified or certified on the bottle that does not mean the quality of the product will be great. The product may be Certified but of low standard.
  3. Researches have shown that some dietary supplements interact with drugs we consume. Some have serious side effects. The interaction of Dietary supplement with medicines may altogether alter and devalue the effects of the latter. So HIV or Diabetic patients consuming dietary supplements should consult their physicians before going for it.
  4. Dietary supplements have a potential for contamination as well. It has been seen that some dietary supplements contain drugs in concealed form. The dietary supplements used for sexual health and weight loss have been found containing drugs in concealed form many times.

Talk to your health care providers, they will help you in choosing right dietary supplements. They will tell you, do you need dietary supplements or not.

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