How To Recognize The Dietary Supplements Better?

By | August 19, 2016

The craze of dietary supplements have increased so much that people all over the world are using them occasionally or every day. Dietary supplements are not only confined to a tablet, but have many forms – capsules, traditional tablets, powders, drinks etc. In the present time, it has become difficult to recognize the right thing amidst duplicacy and contamination. As a result, most of the people choose the wrong thing for their health unintentionally and put their health at stake. Dietary supplements are meant to provide all the nutritional values to the body and make one feel healthy and energetic. But, if one does not choose the right one, then naturally one’s health will deteriorate. So, the question that arises is how to choose the right dietary supplements? Well there are a few factors that one needs to know in order to keep oneself healthy and strong:

Quality versus quantity

Quality versus quantity is applicable almost in every walk of life. And, dietary supplements are no exceptions to it. The foremost factor that one needs to ponder over while choosing dietary supplements is quality not quantity.  Consuming too much supplements will fail to suffice. Rather, consuming quality supplements will fulfill all the nutritional requirements. FDA has set up good manufacturing process (GMP) to ensure the composition, strength, purity and identity. These GMPs are meant to regain the quality of the supplements.

The Dietary Supplement Label

Nowadays, there are many such organizations that provide quality testing and allow their products to pass through these tests to show their seals of approval. These seals ensure that the product was properly manufactured. But, these seals are incredible and one should not believe them. Most of the people are easily attracted towards the labels that claim to be authentic. But, it is not the right thing. The best way to overcome this problem is to consult health care provider, who can help in recognizing the right dietary supplement.


In case one fails to eat nutritious foods, then some of the supplements might help one in getting sufficient amounts of important nutrients. Nevertheless, one needs to bear in mind that supplements cannot supersede the foods, which are important for a healthy diet.  Scientific evidence proves that some of the dietary supplements are advantageous for overall health and management of some health conditions. For instance, vitamin D and calcium are very important for making the bones strong and sturdy. On the other hand, omega-3 fatty acids from fish oil help people suffering from cardiac diseases.

Safety and Risk

Most of the supplements contain ingredients, which have strong impact in the body.  One should always remain alert to the likelihood of unexpected side effects, while choosing a new product. Dietary supplements can harm the body of the people, when they swallow them instead of prescribed medicines or when they swallow many supplements altogether.  One should bear in mind that some of the supplements can give rise to the risk of bleeding. If one swallows them before or after surgery then they can cast effect on one’s response to anesthesia. Apart from this, supplements can also have interaction with certain drugs and give rise to many other ailments.

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